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What are ‘smart emails’ - and why should we care in the social age?


 — December 5th, 2014

What are ‘smart emails’ - and why should we care in the social age?

Newsweaver is teaming up with simply communicate in a live webinar this Thursday Dec 11th, noon GMT. We’ll be talking with host Marc Wright about ‘Smart Email in the Social Age’ – you can register here.

Corporate email is evolving. Companies are now seeing that email, even with the proliferation of channel choices, continues to have importance and value in the social age. But – and it’s a big one - they also know there must be changes in how email is used.

The Revolution in the Inbox

Email is proving more resilient than many pundits expected – and organizations are coming to see email as more than a communications channel; for many it drives their workflow. In this webinar Marc Wright will be talking about the impact of the social age on internal communications. A revolution is happening right now – and it will be in the employee’s inbox. Major providers of Employee Social Networks are now starting to put email at the center of their systems to help employees have a single stream of information and collaboration.

Internal communicators - lead the smart email revolution!

That’s the first part of the revolution for email – the second is the emails themselves. And now is the perfect opportunity for internal communicators to lead the charge in reforming the use of email and start sending smarter emails.

The problem is most internal communicators are hampered in their efforts because they have not invested resources in this channel, and are not using today’s email technology. I’m talking about smart emails that are high-impact, branded interactive, personalized and optimized for mobile. Emails are measurable, and provide employees with communications that engage and are relevant to their job.

My colleagues Marie Moynihan and Mossy O’Mahony will be guests on the webinar, and talk to Marc about email’s role in the social age – and how email technology has the ability to revolutionize this internal channel. (Register here)

The ultimate guide to measuring internal communications

9 ideas to smarten up your internal communication emails

I put together nine examples of what smart corporate emails look and act like in today’s organization:

  • Are part of the mobile revolution by having responsive designs so that employees can access them on any device at any time.
  • Reduce clutter and information overload because they are only sent to employees who need to get the communication.
  • The way we engage today is more 3D than 1D, and smarter emails offer a rich visual and audio experience by embedding videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Are personalized communications that are in engaging and use content targeting to deliver messages that matter, such as cascading HQ news, combined with relevant local news, to a remote workforce.
  • Cater to the always on workforce by offering messaging and direct links to content that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime on any device.
  • Helps drive the adoption and success of all channels, such as intranet and social networks, by being at the center of a multimedia strategy.
  • Ensures there is always an opportunity for the employee’s voice to be heard and facilitates two-way conversations.
  • Provides real-time metrics: campaign metrics, platform metrics, content metrics, social engagement metrics, survey metrics, enterprise-wide metrics.
  • Gets better with every send – by using the insight and measurement gained in #8.
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