Sovereign Housing drives intranet traffic through their email employee newsletter

The Sovereign Housing Association which is one of the largest housing associations in England, wanted to drive intranet traffic as the one source of internal content for employees. They created an interactive email employee newsletter to drive the adoption of their newly launched intranet and used the metrics to help determine popular content areas.

Interactive email employee newsletter to signpost to content on the intranet

To help drive the adoption of their newly launched intranet, they decided to use their employee newsletter to signpost to important content on the intranet. The template designed for The Wire features color-coded sections mirroring their intranet layout, creating a seamless experience for employees. When the team assembles a new issue, they insert snippets of news stories and embed a link directly to the full article on the intranet. A high-impact ‘must read’ section at the top of the newsletter ensures employees see important information.

Metrics give insight to content popularity

The real-time metrics dashboard provides measurement such as opens, clicks, content and section popularity, among other metrics. The Careers section is consistently a top-click from the newsletter. The team used this insight to move the Careers section on the intranet to a more prominent position to help draw in employees.

Want quick tips into how to drive the adoption of your intranet through your email employee newsletter? Download our guide:  5 Steps to a more effective company intranet


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