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St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Internal Communication Transformation

This week I am delighted to host a webinar with John Twombly, Internal Communication Manager at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he has worked for 20 years and oversees all internal communication in the hospital.

In this webinar, John will share how St. Louis Children’s Hospital has transformed its internal communication to advance their overall goals. Just nine months ago the hospital adopted Newsweaver.  Within this time their IC has radically improved. The number of employee comment posts have soared, their click-through rate for all communication rose to above 30 percent and they have achieved state, regional and national communication honors.

In achieving this, there were many challenges that John had to overcome. He will discuss the obstacles he faced with Internal Communication and how he is worked to overcome these challenges. St. Louis Children’s Hospital communications department main challenge was creating an annual internal communication plan. Like the ethos of the hospital they based their plan on research and evidence allowing for the best outcomes.

John will also show attendees how the hospital are addressing information overload with streamlined visually impactful internal newsletters and how they are enabling access to this from any device. To enhance employee engagement, they have created interactive, people-focused content that resonates with their employees. And to ensure they are achieving their KPI’s, St. Louis Children’s Hospital are using data and benchmarks to measure the success of their campaigns.


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