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Business communication strategies that get noticed by your boss

We are launching a series of How To Guides designed to provide business communication professionals with a quick overview on hot topics in this industry. The first in the series “How to demonstrate the value of internal communications and get noticed by your boss”

The role of Internal Communications in large organisations is becoming more and more important, but internal communicators still struggle to get a seat at the top table where strategic decisions are made.

How to demonstrate the value of business communication and get noticed by your boss

In this how to guide we set out four facts that will help you demonstrate the business value of Internal Communications:

  1. Why your organization should invest in internal business communications
  2. Good internal business communications accelerates change
  3. Internal communications gives value for money
  4. Important news how to come from the top


Included is a useful tool to aid you in building engagement. Plus some practical business communication advice on how to build your reputation as a communicator using the WHY technique – and get noticed by your boss.


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