The Sunday Times says Poppulo is pressing all the right buttons

Andrew O’Shaughnessy is not one to ignore the lessons of the past.

“If you go through something painful you can either get stuck in it or you can learn something from it,” says the Poppulo boss, reflecting on one of the more difficult periods of his life.

Fresh out of college in the mid-1980s, O’Shaughnessy went to work for Dripsey Woolen Mills, founded by his great-grandfather 80 years earlier. He worked at the venerable textile mill for only a couple of years before the company went out of business, undercut by cheaper overseas competitors.

It taught the young O’Shaughnessy to “read the signs, to adapt”.

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Poppulo appreciates the Sunday Times’ permission to publish this interview, conducted by journalist Philip Connolly, and to photographer Cathal Noonan for allowing us to reproduce his image of Andrew O’Shaughnessy.


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