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This. Is. Unmissable. An amazing line-up and no travel, no cost: Poppulo’s virtual Bootcamp.

In a time of great disruption, employee communication and HR professionals have an historic opportunity to lead like never before.

To lead at a time when communication is one of the key lifelines for business survival and the heartbeat of employee engagement, when it is most needed.

But what do you need to do? What do you need to change? How do you adapt to the demands of the new world of work, when there’s still so much uncertainty since COVID-19 upturned the world?

To explore answers to these questions, to give you badly needed time to pause and reflect on the workplace challenges of the new reality, and to share solutions based on a wealth of intelligence and vast experience, we’re bringing together some of the best minds in the business for our inaugural Poppulo virtual Bootcamp on July 14th, 2020: Beyond crisis: how to engage your people in turbulent times.

Poppulo virtual bootcamp, July 14th, 2020.Register for free

It is, quite simply, unmissable – and it won’t cost you a cent.

Amazing speakers addressing hot-topic issues brought directly to your laptop, desktop, or mobile device: No travel, No stress, No cost – what’s not to adore about that!

And what a line-up you can look forward to at #commsbootcamp:

Jacob Morgan
TED speaker & best-selling author


Rachel Miller,
All Things IC, Director


Jessica Brubaker,
McDonald’s USA, Director, Initiative Communication & Channel Strategy


Pim de Morree,
Corporate Rebels, co-founder


Zora Artis,
Artis Advisory, CEO


Kelly Monahan,
Accenture, Lead Talent Researcher & Senior Principal


Preston Lewis,
Intactic, Founder and CEO


Jo Hooper,
Mental Health at Work Expert


Geri Rhoades,
Kademy, Learning Strategy & Content lead


Lindsay Kohler,
scarlettabbott, Lead Behavioral Scientist


Simon Monger,
Internal Communications, Change, & Engagement Consultant


Tchicaya Ellis Robertson,
Accenture, Senior Principal


Sean Doherty,
Capital One, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager


Ann Melinger,
Brilliant Ink, CEO


Justine Williams,
Kademy, Leadership Coach


Richard Gera
Digital Employee Communications Consultant


Lesley Sullivan,
Merck, Internal Communications Senior Specialist


The above speakers will be joined on the day by key members of the Poppulo team for thought-provoking interviews, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, keynotes, and workshops, covering the big issues that matter in employee communications today.

So don’t miss out, hit that registration button for a day to remember.


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