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How measurement is helping UPMC engage their diverse workforce

Ragan is hosting the Corporate Communications Conference on June 6-8th. The conference offers attendees writing and internal communication best practices to equip one to become a strategic partner within their organization. To enable this learning Newsweaver are offering both a customer story from Luz Betancourt, UPMC and best practice advice from Jeremy Salah, Newsweaver.

Customer Story

Luz Betancourt is a senior manager of Internal Communications at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). A self-proclaimed IC convert, Luz started her career in marketing before she found her passion for IC while working on an MBA at Duquesne University. She now engages a very diverse workforce that encompass a healthcare and technology organization of more than 62,000 employees. Luz has leveraged technology, analytics, and creativity to solidify the IC department as a key strategic partner for staff as well as clients.

Internal communicators want to know what works and what doesn’t so that they can increase the impact of their communications. On this coming Tuesday, June 7th, Luz is going to portray how measurement is key to gaining insight into employee engagement within organizations and how she overcame strategic challenges within UPMC and incorporated analytics to increase the engagement of a large workforce.

It is going to be a very exciting presentation as she discusses how UPMC overcame the challenge of acquiring other hospitals/medical centers and integrating these new employees into the overall UPMC employee family along with reducing information overload and increasing the impact of their communications. Luz will also demonstrate how she is using both Newsweaver Internal Connect to segment and personalize content and Cross-Channel Analytics to analyze the success of campaigns and content, and uses this intelligence to improve future communications.

Best Practice

Jeremy Salah is Enterprise Executive at Newsweaver. Jeremy is going to inform attendees on “How to manage communications and campaigns across your email and intranet for maximum impact”.

During this session attendees will learn the key benefits of measuring across channels for a more holistic picture of communications performance and how to manage and measure communications across key digital channels; email, intranet and video. Attendees will also get tips on how to overcome the obstacles to cross-channel measurement, a pain point that has never before been resolved.

And as the event promises Jeremy will show you how you can use measurement to inform editorial decisions, improve results, and prove the value of your communications.

These are two presentations not to be missed.


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