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Top Five Reasons to Invest in Digital Signage


 — December 17th, 2021

Top Five Reasons to Invest in Digital Signage

Today’s world is fast-moving and highly visual, and guests and employees expect to be communicated to in a way that meets their communications preferences. As a result, many companies are leveraging digital signage solutions as a modern and engaging way to increase business efficiencies, improve the guest and employee experience, and impact their bottom line. As you plan for next year and beyond, you’re probably evaluating your company goals and searching for the tools that can help you achieve them. Not only can digital signage help you reach business goals and solve a variety of challenges, but it also has an infinite number of use cases as well as proven business value in almost every industry—making it a great investment for any company. When it comes to effectively communicating key information to employees, driving productivity for deskless workers, improving the guest experience, and more—digital signage is the answer. Let’s dive into the top five reasons that organizations are investing in digital signage today.

1. Drive Productivity for Deskless Workers

Today, deskless workers make up a vast majority of the global workforce, at a staggering 80%. Like the 20% of the workforce that sits in the office (or home office) all day, the deskless workforce deserves access to timely, relevant, engaging content. But these workers don’t have the ability to constantly check email or messaging apps—in fact, many of these workers don’t even have a company email address or any digital tools at all. With digital signage, you can help ensure that the right information reaches your workforce at the right time—without disrupting them from their jobs. Whether employees are working on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse, on the frontlines in a healthcare setting, or anywhere in between, digital signage can help give them access to the information they need to be productive. By displaying KPIs, safety metrics, employee achievements, and other critical updates, you’re not only aligning workers behind a common goal but motivating them to continuously meet or exceed those goals. The Poppulo Harmony platform integrates with your key data systems, showcasing real-time progress towards goals in a way that’s engaging, and visually appealing, and ensures that your workforce knows exactly where they are in relation to set goals. Plus, digital signs can also be used to remind workers of proper safety guidelines, helping to reduce the number of safety incidents and keep employee productivity at a high.

While driving productivity is clearly a priority for many businesses today, meeting the expectations of guests, customers, and visitors is equally important. And as we dive deeper into the digital age, aspects of the customer experience have evolved, along with how people expect to be communicated to. Let’s talk about how companies are using digital signage to modernize the customer experience.

2. Modernize the Guest & Customer Experience

From helping guests find their way to highlighting promotions, events, or other things happening nearby, digital signage is a valuable way to enhance the experience of everyone that enters your space—while also encouraging them to spend more money. Video walls and interactive lobby signage can help showcase your company, products, and brand in an impactful way while creating a memorable experience for everyone that enters your lobby. This type of immersive experience can help create an impact that not only promotes return visits but helps drive consumer spending on specific offers and promotions. Additionally, Poppulo's digital wayfinding solution gives your audience access to interactive, dynamic, or static maps of your property, helping people safely and efficiently navigate your space. With digital signage solutions built for every industry, including hotels, casinos, restaurants, corporate offices, universities, and more, the Poppulo Harmony platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create an engaging, modern experience for your target audience.

To create the best possible customer experience, it’s important to understand what your customer’s concerns and priorities are. And right now, for most of the world, health and safety are top of mind—and it’s critical that both guests and employees know that your organization is doing everything you can to keep them safe.

3. Communicate Health & Safety Guidelines

It’s no secret that the pandemic significantly impacted the way that businesses operate and led to a heightened focus on health and safety. And as mask requirements, social distancing guidelines, and other safety recommendations continue to change, it can be challenging for businesses to ensure they’re communicating the latest local information to everyone in their space. We’ve all entered a business in the last year and been unsure of the mask policy or other guidelines, and while many businesses have printed paper signs, it’s usually unclear whether they’re up to date with the latest information. Digital signage is the solution to this challenge. With the right digital signage platform, businesses can seamlessly update content to ensure that the information being communicated is always up-to-date and relevant to their audience. With applications like space notifications to alert you when a space needs to be cleaned, wayfinding to help employees safely navigate your space, and pre-built safety templates to make the requirements in your space clear, the FWI platform is designed to help you communicate more effectively with your audience—while making it easy for you to update content on the fly. Plus, Poppulo offers a variety of portable digital signage solutions, including signs integrated with hand sanitizer/PPE stations and integrated temperature scanner solutions, adding an extra layer of protection for everyone in your space.

Health and safety will remain a top concern as we move into 2022 and beyond, and it’s critical to have the tools in place to ensure that employees know their safety is a priority for your business. A large piece of this is being able to communicate the right information, to the right audience, at the right time—and the right digital signage platform makes this easy.

4. Easier Content Governance to Enable Ideas from Across the Enterprise

While communicating with employees is important, over-communicating can be extremely damaging to employee engagement, especially when the information being shared isn’t relevant and targeted for the individual. By having greater governance over the content being shared, and giving each department the ability to control information being shared with their team, employees will have a clear understanding of what they need to know—and don’t have to waste time sorting through irrelevant information. Digital signage solves this challenge by allowing each department to update the content on select screens so that employees can glance up throughout the day and quickly get access to real-time information that’s been targeted to the needs of their role. With the Poppulo Harmony platform, your IT team can manage the overall network and grant limited user and device permissions to only the employees that need them, preventing non-IT users from causing major issues with the network, and making it easy for employees with any level of technical expertise to make changes to content. Delivering a powerful, succinct, targeted message via digital signage will ensure that each team is aligned with their own goals and can spend more time doing their job and less time deciphering what information is and isn’t relevant for them.

Digital signage is an effective tool for improving the guest and employee experience, easily communicating critical information, and driving greater productivity, but you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment from a revenue perspective. Let’s look at the ways that digital signage can not only pay for itself but also create additional revenue streams for your business.

5. Drive Revenue through ROI

When evaluating new technology for your company, the most important factor to consider is whether the tool adds value to your business. No one wants to waste time and money investing in technology that doesn’t pay off. While many of our customers come to us trying to solve communications challenges, they didn’t just need a platform to help communicate with guests and employees—they also needed to prove that the platform could drive revenue for their organization and help improve the bottom line. We’ve discussed how digital signage can help improve employee engagement, enhance the guest experience, drive productivity, and make enterprise communications easier—all of which contribute to greater profit—but there are many other opportunities to use digital signage as an additional source of revenue. By selling rotating advertising space on your digital signage to partners and clients, you can create an entirely new revenue stream for your organization without taking away from critical messaging. For hotels and other venues trying to sell event space, digital signage is an easy and effective way to customize your facility for event planners and use visual appeal to grab their attention and win the site visit. Digital signage can also be used to promote your goods and services or drive more foot traffic to on-site amenities like stores and cafeterias, increasing the wallet share of everyone entering your space.

As you evaluate tools to help your business accomplish goals in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to consider digital signage. Because of its ability to drive productivity for deskless workers, create a more modern, engaging customer experience, easily communicate key information, and drive additional revenue for organizations in every industry, companies everywhere are investing in digital signage—and seeing ROI.

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