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Top Tips for Creating a Corporate Newsroom

Our webinar with Abigail Levene and James Curtis of Stampa Communications on the Rise of the Corporate Newsroom was a huge success.

Abigail and James know what they’re talking about, having introduced newsroom strategies and techniques to many successful organizations. We’ve distilled the main takeaways from the webinar in a handy tip sheet which is full of useful advice based on many years of invaluable journalistic insights.

Here are the top tips in short:

    1. Know what the corporate newsroom is
    2. Know why the Corporate newsroom is needed
    3. Become the trusted and consistent company voice
    4. Change your mindset and think like a journalist
    5. Start thinking of ‘stories’ not ‘content
    6. How to tell a story
    7. What makes a good story
    8. Consider establishing an editorial board
    9. Seek interesting content
    10. How does an editorial team work
    11. ‘Hire’ a reporter who is not necessarily part of the internal comms team

You can also read the thoughts of Newsweaver’s expert content writer, and former journalist, Tim Vaughan in his blog post ‘It’s time Internal Communicators thought like journalists, the Corporate Newsroom is on the rise’.

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