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Using the Power of Video to Engage Employees


 — June 27th, 2016

Using the Power of Video to Engage Employees

Video and user-generated video is at the top of nearly every communicator's list this year.

According to Engine Creative, 93% of internal communicators see video as an important tool and in a survey conducted by HR Communications, more than 54% of professionals said their employees now expect to see video inside the organization.

There is good reasoning behind the increase in the use of video. Not only does video makes complex it easier to deliver complex messages, employees are more likely to engage with the communication - Forrester research shows that employees are 75% more likely to watch a business video than read the written document.

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Power Of User-Generated Video Webinar

A survey conducted by an internal communications agency, Gatehouse earlier this year showed that 85% of communicators that took part were using video to communicate with employees, and video was reported to be the second most used content delivery method.

However, despite its widespread popularity, there remains a perception that video is time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The rise of specialist IC video production companies, specialized software, mobile apps, and user-generated footage at events has meant that creating a video can easier than ever.

In the upcoming webinar on ‘The Power of User-Generated Video’, guest host Marc Wright, Publisher of simply-communicate and former BBC TV producer interviews Mieke Dichter-van Hamburg Communications Business Partner at Rolls-Royce and Rocky Walls, 12 Stars Media's Video Comms Strategist. They will be discussing how video inside large organizations has become even more important, and popular, than ever.

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