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Only 16% are satisfied with their ability to measure Internal Communication


 — February 21st, 2014

Only 16% are satisfied with their ability to measure Internal Communication

Internal communicators know how important it is to measure their communications. However there is an industry wide lack of access to real-time metrics that gives insight into the success of communications. This has been confirmed by many surveys, including our recent Newsweaver / Melcrum IC and Technology Survey 2014, which found only 16% are satisfied with their ability to measure the effectiveness of their internal communications.

Internal Communication needs metrics

Internal Communicators must make getting access to metrics a top priority in order to both measure employee engagement, and prove business value to their organization.

Measurement gains visibility into the results of their communications, but that is only a first step. The next is to understand what they mean.

In this short video, Mark Ragan of Ragan Communications talks with Newsweaver about the types of metrics that matter most. He also asks about the value of industry benchmarks as a tool to help Internal Communicators understand how they are performing.

Dashboards can deliver a wide selection of real-time metrics. While marketers have long had access to dashboards, this is still a pipe dream for many in this function. How can dashboards be achieved for Internal Communication?

(In this Ragan Communications video (6:57) Marie Moynihan, Marketing Manager and Mossy O' Mahony, Product Development, Newsweaver talk about metrics for Internal Communications, including how Newsweaver can provide important metrics for your internal communications.)

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: The changing role of Internal Communication

The Internal Communication function has matured in recent years, and during this growth has changed shape and taken on new roles and skills. What does this mean for internal communicators and their teams, and for organizations going forward? Watch our free Webinar "The changing shape and role of Internal Communication", including a conversation with Elaine MacFarlane, VP, Global Internal Communications at GSK.

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