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[webinar] Can you measure and show the value of your internal communications?

One of the biggest challenges internal communicators face right now is proving the success and value of internal communications to the organisation.

In the next Newsweaver webinar, January 22nd 4pm GMT,  I’ll be co-presenting with Marc Wright, publisher of simply-communicate showing you how to ‘Demonstrate the value of internal communications – and get noticed by your boss’.  Marc and I have been busy preparing the webinar  – and I have to say it’s been fantastic to have Marc’s insight and knowledge on this hot topic … plus, he has great case studies and best practice tips ….

We plan to walk you through a number of elements for your success: from the need to get that seat at the top table, a look at why you and your internal communications team are of such value to your organization – and what communication channels are proving most effective. We’ll go through turning data into meaningful metrics … and show you how organisations such as Philips, Cemex, General Motors and British Airways have demonstrated value to their business. Plus, we finish up with a 5-step programme to getting noticed by your boss.

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