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What did my peers say?


 — February 14th, 2014

What did my peers say?

Internal Communication and Technology Survey 2014

We've been busy collating the results from the Internal Communication and Technology Survey 2014, run in partnership with Melcrum in December last year. Over five hundred respondents participated. They were located around the world, spread over twelve industries participated - and ranged from SMB to global enterprises. The results provide real insight into how internal communicators are using technology to create, implement and measure their employee communication strategies.

The ultimate guide to measuring internal communications

Here are just a few of the insights:

  • 70% of communicators state that their Internal Communication strategy is aligned with their business strategy.
  • Only 16% are satisfied with their ability to measure the effectiveness of their Internal Communication.
  • Less than half of respondents agree their team have the digital /technological skills necessary to do their jobs.
  • The three most used channels are: Intranet (93%), Email (90%) and Leadership communications (84%).
  • The three most effective channels, in order of most effective: Email, Intranet and Leadership communications.
  • 50 - 60%% of respondents always use email for the tasks of: employee newsletters, change communications, HR/Rewards/pension communications, events, pulse surveys and leadership communications. Surprisingly, only 43% always use email to drive traffic to their Intranet.
  • By a large margin, the two most popular new communication technologies to be deployed in the next twelve months are: Internal social networking tools (46%) and Intranets (45%).
  • The state of Bring Your Own Device: 61% said their organization allows employees to access company content via their own device.

Did you miss our recent webinar where we reviewed our top findings?

I was joined by industry experts Andy Blacknell, a veteran communication and change management consultant, and Sona Hathi of Melcrum to discuss the findings of our report.

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