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Great leadership is about inspiring, connecting, and empowering employees. It’s about leaders being visible and creating trust. Communication is the thread that makes it all happen, aligning people and purpose, culture and goals. It’s what we do.

"Poppulo has been fantastic for increasing the visibility of our senior leaders – we can deliver videos or podcasts that are embedded directly in the emails we send."
— John Twombly, St Louis Children’s Hospital
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Build invaluable employee trust, connection, and engagement through leadership communications.

People want to feel involved where they work and clear about how their role fits in. Poppulo gives leaders a platform for conversations that connect employees to purpose, strategy, and goals.

Align your comms for clarity

Align your business and leadership communications strategy so that everybody’s clear about priorities and what needs to be done. It also helps avoid misinterpretation of important corporate information.

What’s working, what isn’t?

Quickly find out what types of leadership message work best with real-time reports that can inform future action. It could be email, or mobile, or a short video embedded in both.

Personalize for greater impact

Personalization works, so target and segment different C-suite messages for different audiences. Poppulo Insights lets you know what’s impacting – who’s engaging and who’s not – and how data on best-performing comms could improve performance.

Encourage open 2-way dialogue

Two-way communication creates an open culture and boosts engagement. Encourage employees to connect with leaders by being able to comment on, share, and ‘like’ executive communications.

Build trust with more open, visible leadership

Bring your leaders closer to employees with regular communications that increase visibility and build trust. It’s simple with Poppulo. With just one click, they can instantly connect with all employees everywhere on their preferred channels, mobile, email, video, intranet or ESN.

“We also use the tool to publish a variety of leaders-only emails. The data we see behind these leadership messages help guide other departments who request to send content to those audiences. Poppulo has helped us transform the business value of employee communications and engagement at Encompass Health."

Alyssa Hagan, Associate Director of Internal Communications & Engagement, Encompass Health

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