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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Retention

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Retention

About this Guide

The major battle for organizations today is how to hold onto their key people while also attracting new ones.

But the fall-out from the pandemic has caused deep workplace fault lines, resulting in employees feeling disconnected, disengaged, and lacking a sense of belonging—all major contributors to the Great Resignation.

Higher wages cannot solve these problems because the issues go far deeper than money.

Workplace communication, however, influences every aspect of the Employee Experience and how your people feel and talk about your organization, directly impacting retention and recruitment.

This guide explores:

  • The current state of attracting and retaining new talent so that you have a good sense of the overall landscape
  • Why companies are falling short and failing to communicate effectively with their teams
  • How communications can be effectively used to attract and retain new talent
  • How you can seize the opportunity to reframe how you approach employee communications at your company to retain and attract talent


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Editorial Director, Poppulo

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