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Effective leadership starts with communication

A leader’s most important yet toughest tasks are creating and communicating their strategy. Poppulo enables leaders to create the clarity their employees need to understand and deliver on strategy.

Foster a culture that drives business performance

Champion your corporate culture with communications that support an exceptional employee experience. When employees are informed and able to trust their leaders, their engagement rises and business performance improves.

Since we started using Poppulo, we now present our quarterly internal comms performance to the senior management team. We use this insight in our communications planning and strategic discussions, which simply wouldn’t be possible without the data and insights that Poppulo provides”
Internal Communication Manager, Informa

Align communications to your priorities

Create communications campaigns that help employees understand your vision and strategy, remain focused on the organization’s priorities and understand what needs to be done.


Enable every leader to communicate effectively

Communication is every leader’s responsibility, yet leaders often lack the tools and know-how to communicate effectively. IC teams can empower leaders with a platform that orchestrates messaging enterprise-wide, supported by sophisticated governance, branding and analytics.


Take an employee-centric approach to leadership comms

Leaders can foster trust by adopting a highly targeted, employee-centric approach. This means understanding what’s relevant to different audiences and the right channel mix to engage them — while getting feedback and adapting comms accordingly.