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33 Tips to Create The Best Company Newsletters


 — December 12th, 2022

33 Tips to Create The Best Company Newsletters

To create the best company newsletter that your employees look forward to you need to come up with creative and engaging content.

Company newsletters become more than just mundane updates on company performance. They've become a way of communicating values and promoting a healthy company culture. Employee engagement and communication is at the top of HR and IC departments priorities, and the newsletter is an excellent tool to communicate these values.

Consider Using Newsletter Templates

Before we jump into our 33 newsletter tips, our first recommendation would be to look into email and a newsletter software and templates. They take the guess work out of creating an excellent newsletter, from the design and layout to the targeting and analytics.

Poppulo offers a wide range of internal communications solutions for email and newsletter creation. Poppulo's platform allows businesses to create and send customized emails and newsletters to customers and employees.

Employee newsletters are valuable. Our customizable templates, drag-and-drop editors, and A/B testing make it extremely easy to create professional newsletters that will take employee communications to the next level.

How to improve employee newsletter open rates and drive engagement

26 Company Newsletter Ideas

These ideas below serve as an excellent addition when writing a newsletter. You can chop and change while you gather feedback on newsletter engagement. Once you get a feel for what resonates with your employees you can stick with it and create some great engaging content for that section.

1. Housekeeping updates

A company's newsletter keeps everyone up to date with the basics such as parking info, how to reserve meeting rooms, any changes to the WiFi codes, etc.

2. Health column

Include details of any health initiatives you're running, including the annual flu jab. Also think about providing regular tips about posture and sitting properly at the desk, tips on how to reduce RSI, a list of exercises employees can do at their desks.

3. Did you know?

Get some of your product managers to explain your top-selling products or any unique or new product features and enhancements.

4. FAQ

List the top 5 questions your sales team or customer service team get asked by customers, along with the best, or recommended, answers to these questions.

5. Industry content

Take time to curate interesting or insightful industry content from blog posts and articles to podcasts and videos.

6. Local news

Add in any local news that may affect your business such as upcoming road closures, weather warnings, public holidays or events.

Business spotlight newsletter

7. CEO welcome

Make sure to include a note from your CEO in each issue of the newsletter. The note should be up to date, not a rehashed paragraph, and should highlight any notable events, launches, or achievements.

8. Executives in the spotlight

Develop a series of Q&As as a short video where management answer questions about their roles, their ideas, or plans for the business, and even a non-invasive personal question.

9. Customer success story

Include customer case studies so that employees get a glimpse of how your products or services are delivering benefits to your customers. Short videos are a great idea here.

10. In the news

Add a section that highlights how your company has made the news: customer or project wins, awards or accolades, successes during the quarter. Include links to press mentions.

11. CSR corner

Promote your CSR activities with event or campaign reviews, photos of sponsored events or team challenges undertaken by your employees.

12. Financial results

Consider displaying your financial results visually as a way to better inform employees about how the company is performing.

13. Infographics

Think about illustrating your company history or milestones in an infographic, highlighting specific timelines and stand-out points.

14. Sneak peek

Give employees a sneak peek of upcoming products or company news such as mergers, acquisitions, entering new markets.

15. Industry presentations or speeches

Include any slideshows or speeches employees or management have given at any recent events.

Employee engagement/motivation

16. A day in the life of an employee/team

Showcase various teams in your organization through interviews about their day to day activities. Make sure to include photos.

17. Photo diary

Include a photo section of employees out and about at industry or social events. Make the photos downloadable so people can share them or print them.

18. Employee milestone

Highlight important moments in your employees' lives: weddings, births, graduations, retirements, any special achievement such as finishing a marathon for example.

19. Employee articles

Get your employees involved in creating articles for your company newsletter. Allow them to submit content.

20. Behind the scenes photos

Get snapping and include a series of behind the scenes photos of employees, management, and even customers to give an exclusive look at different teams or events.

How to improve employee newsletter open rates and drive engagement

Fun and social

21. Newsletter name and design

Get your employees involved in coming up with newsletter design ideas, or ideas for your company newsletter name. Why not also get them brainstorming on content ideas or just thoughts on what to put in the company newsletter.

22. Take a break

Don't forget to put come up with some fun things to put in your company newsletter. Guess the movie photo quiz, Sudoku or word puzzles. Somewhere for employees to take a break for a short while.

23. Special offers for newsletter readers

Think about adding in special coupons for employees who read the company newsletter: coupons for your products or maybe pre-sales money-off coupons for new products.

24. Competitions

Include a regular mini competition in your newsletter such as a quiz with small prizes like a meal for two at a local restaurant.

25. Promote themed days at the office

Give a shout out to upcoming themed events such as coffee mornings, dress-up days, or any other fun events happening in the office.

26. Social media spotlight

Highlight all your social media channels and encourage employees to follow and engage with your company online. Showcase popular social content.

Newsletter Design Tips

27. Newsletter layout

Make sure to create a newsletter that has a clear hierarchy and uses consistent formatting to make it easy to read. White space can be your friend here. Using sufficient white space can make your newsletter content deliver more of an impact.

28. Images and graphics

Use high-quality images, creative logos and graphics that are relevant to your content, but them sparingly to avoid overwhelming your readers. Similar to the above tip, white space and an uncluttered newsletter can be more appealing to employees.

29. Color scheme

Use a color scheme that aligns with your brand and use it consistently throughout your newsletter. This can help make your newsletter more visually appealing and easier to recognize.

30. Create a great header or banner

A header or banner can make your newsletter stand out and grab your readers' attention. Include your company logo or tagline to reinforce your brand and add visual interest.

31. Experiment with typography

Use different font sizes, styles, and colors to make your content more interesting and easier to read. Be careful not to overdo it, and stick to two or three fonts at most.

32. Use responsive design

Make sure your newsletter is designed to be responsive to different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This can help ensure that your content is accessible and easy to read on all devices.

33. Add interactive elements

Consider adding interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, or surveys to your newsletter. This can help increase engagement and encourage readers to interact with your content.

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