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Captivate Your Sports & Concert Arena Fans with Stand-Out Digital Signage


 — October 11th, 2023

Captivate Your Sports & Concert Arena Fans with Stand-Out Digital Signage

Going to a concert or professional sports game can be the ultimate fan experience—but stadiums and arenas are having to work harder to deliver ever-better fan experiences.

Today, seeing your favorite team or band play live is only part of the experience, with exciting digital media innovation playing a key role in giving fans an immersive experience from start to finish.

And if anybody doubted this, the recent launch of the spectacular Sphere in Las Vegas by U2, with its spellbinding 360-degree visuals, won over even hard-core skeptics.

It has set the benchmark for other venues and cemented an unarguable business case for the critical importance of digital signage in sports stadiums and concert arenas.
How to Create a Scalable Digital Signage Solution That Drives ROI

The reality is that because we’re so saturated with information these days, and so constantly engrossed with our smartphones, it’s gotten more and more difficult for stadiums and concert arenas to engage their audiences and deliver a great experience.

That’s where highly visual digital signage can play a key role, from wayfinding to delivering engaging content in eye-catching formats.

For example, this can range from presenting important information such as player stats to real-time updates on team performances, and video clips of exciting team highlights.

Video walls and interactive screens help engage audiences, supply information, and leave guests with a positive fan experience.

So, teaming up with the right digital signage technology provider is essential to the experience stadiums and concert arenas must deliver today. Here are four ways digital signage delivers for stadiums and arenas:

1. Wayfinding: Fans may need help navigating their way around the stadium. Arenas and stadiums can offer real-time directions and information on everything with digital signage technology, from the location of restrooms to the nearest concession stand. 

Wayfinding solutions also help rebalance crowds and reduce congestion, which is critical for entertainment venues in general, but nowhere is it more important than in stadiums and arenas.

Moving people through your space quickly and efficiently directly impacts the fan experience, but also has safety implications.

That’s why many venues leverage a combination of dynamic and interactive wayfinding screens to keep traffic moving—whether that’s toward the exits or toward food and beverage locations with shorter wait times.

2. Advertising: Digital signage offers a unique opportunity to display ads and promotions, such as upcoming ticket sales.

Utilizing high-quality display technology from LG and digital signage management technology from Poppulo, stadiums can increase fan engagement and generate more revenue, because a more informed audience can lead to improved fan satisfaction, increased loyalty, and repeat visits.

Through the effective use of digital signage, you can also ensure fans know about all the amenities and services available, which can maximize revenue on game day.

By displaying engaging content on signage throughout your venue, you can boost ticket sales and increase on-site spending at retail outlets as well as food and beverage locations.

3. Live streaming: Digital signage can be used to broadcast live events, such as pre-game shows or interviews with players and coaches. This can add another layer of excitement to the game-day experience.

Additionally, stadiums and arenas can livestream the game on screens near entrances for fans who need to miss a few minutes to make a run to the concession stand.

4. Sponsorships: Venues can take advantage of digital signage to help promote sponsors. From video walls through IPTV, interactive screens, and more, digital signage provides stadiums and arenas with a cohesive fabric that can be used to enhance the fan experience, but with the right platform, those screens can also help drive revenue through unique sponsorship activations.

You can attract advertising partners by maximizing their brand exposure with takeovers and moments of exclusivity—but provide those sponsors with more advanced activations through the use of data-driven triggers. 

This in turn can help sponsors achieve their marketing goals while arenas work to continue enhancing the fan experience.

Digital signage is a dynamic advantage for stadiums and arenas managing thousands of fans on any given night. With a variety of display options from LG, powered by Poppulo’s digital signage solutions, you can keep fans entertained and back in the game.

Contact us to see if digital signage can help your venue.

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