Poppulo Campaign Outcome Surveys… 3 things you need to know


 — January 16th, 2021

Poppulo Campaign Outcome Surveys… 3 things you need to know

It’s been said before “Measure outcomes, not outputs”. Yeah, okay. But what does that actually mean?

The theory makes perfect sense. Let’s take a large enterprise communicating with their employee base with regards to an acquisition of a competitor. Sure, it’s interesting to see if employees open the email. However, what’s really interesting is whether the employee actually understands what that means for them and the company.

That, to me, is what outcomes mean… a change in understanding or behavior, something that extends beyond the realm of the IC function, and needs to be on the agenda of senior management.

Up until very recently, the art of measuring outcomes was beyond the bounds of what was possible for an Internal Communicator to achieve. Not anymore (cue wild cheers of celebration!).

Poppulo Campaign Outcome Survey; Noun; 1. The ability to quantify how your internal communications have delivered a change a behavior for your organization

Here’s the 3 things that you need to know about our Outcome Surveys:

1. An outcome survey is linked to a strategic campaign

  • An outcome survey is linked to an important campaign that you want to measure. So if you’re running a campaign or initiative around a merger, then you’d tie your survey around this piece of work
  • You can then see how employee sentiment varies from the start to the end of the campaign

2. An outcome survey is simple to design and easy to understand

  • The survey is generally run with less than 5 questions, using a Likert scale
  • The survey is delivered to a random employee sample before your IC campaign commences. It is then re-run after the campaign comms have been delivered across channels

3. Ready for senior leadership consumption

One of the best things about Outcome Surveys is that it produces a report that’s ready for presentation to senior leadership. You can easily see how the pre-campaign sentiment/ understanding compares to the post-campaign equivalent.

Here at Poppulo, we’re excited about what this means for Internal Communicators. In January, 2017, we ran a product showcase that had over 300 registrants, proving the initial interest in our new product feature. IF you’d like to see this capability in action then we would be delighted to organize a personalized demo for you. You can also find out more about outcome surveys here.

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