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Vodafone delivers targeted employee communications


 — September 16th, 2004

Vodafone delivers targeted employee communications

Employee communications ‘Need to Know’ delivers a round-up of external and internal news happening that week

We caught up with Dani Todd, Communications Coordinator with Vodafone UK at our recent customer day and she shared with us some of the ways her team are using Newsweaver Internal Connect to drive employee communications. Vodafone with over 100,000 employees is a provider of telecommunications services.

“Vodafone as a company understand that good internal employee communications are essential to employee productivity” Dani Todd, Communications Coordinator with Vodafone UK.

Reducing information overload with targeted content based on location

The IC team wanted to create a weekly newsletter that acted as a news aggregator tool, pulling in all the latest news and social conversations employees needed to know - and delivering it straight into their inbox. The news would be pulled from internal intranet and collaboration sites, as well as external social and business networks.

Plus, the team wanted to be able to measure and understand how employees were engaging with the employee communications.

'Need to Know' a must read for all Vodafone employees

Called 'Need to Know' a weekly email is sent to all employees. The content is pulled from global news and customized with local news based on the employee location.

The template was designed to make it easy for employees to scan and consume all the news, with embed links to read more on the company intranet — Hub and their collaboration site -- Circle.

Understanding engagement across the business

Direct feedback from employees has been extremely positive. By using Newsweaver Internal Connect, for employee communication Vodafone UK now has access to a real-time metrics dashboard. They use metrics such as opens, clicks (content and section popularity), as well as measuring individual destination links to understand how and what employees are engaging with, and use this insight as editorial guidance going forward.

Vodafone have also developed league tables to monitor and manage engagement across their business, allowing the internal communication team to identify and work directly with locations of lower engagement.

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