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How to Drive Revenue
Through Digital Signage

Best practice tips for hospitality professionals


Strategic Placement of Digital Signs

How to use screen placement to your advantage


Staff Training and Engagement

How associate engagement can deliver a better guest experience


Leverage Local Partnerships

How to highlight local attractions and businesses to drive revenue


Dynamic Scheduling

How dynamic scheduling can be used to drive revenue and satisfy event planners


Personalization in Digital Signage

How to create a memorable guest experience with digital signs


Digital Signage as a Revenue Stream

How customized branding on digital signs can help generate revenue


Compelling Content

How to leverage ready-to-use content, configurable apps, and more…


QR Codes

How to leverage QR codes to connect interest with action


Integration with Key Systems

How digital signage integrations can improve the guest experience

Special Message From Poppulo’s CEO

You might have known us as Four Winds Interactive or FWI. But no matter what you called us, you knew us as your trusted digital signage provider. We’re still focused on providing the hospitality industry with the best digital signage platform on the market, but now we have a name aligned to our mission, as Poppulo is the Latin word for people. Watch as Poppulo’s CEO, David Levin, explains our name change and our commitment to the hospitality industry.

Improve the guest experience and drive revenue with your property's digital signs

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Planning Templates: How to Determine the Number and Placement of Digital Signs on Your Property

Planning Templates: How to Determine the Number and Placement of Digital Signs on Your Property

Hotels face a variety of unique challenges when it comes to communicating with guests and employees in a safe, effective, and informative way—many of which can be solved with digital signage.