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Create an immersive customer experience that drives repeat visits.

Bring Harmony to Your Customer Experience

With your customer comms powered by the Harmony platform, you can easily create the experience that customers expect, with digital signage displays designed to impact multiple aspects of the in-person experience.

Use cases:

Guest Comms

Find out how you can engage your guests with real-time, accurate information about your property so they can make the most of their stay, and your business can improve onsite spend.

  • Promote onsite amenities to drive revenue

  • Manage menuboards, readbords, meeting room signs, and more

  • Make content updates on the fly

gear productive
gear productive

Case Studies

See how the Poppulo Harmony platform helps businesses across the globe.

Aligning people and business goals through integrated employee communications
Aligning people and business goals through integrated employee communications

Aligning people and business goals through integrated employee communications

Leading government contractor, Maximus, implemented an integrated employee communications platform using a data-driven approach and multiple channels to improve company performance.

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Industries We Serve

Discover how the Poppulo Harmony platform delivers personalized communications solutions for your industry.


Reach manufacturing workers to drive productivity, reduce recordable incidents, and engage your deskless workforce wherever they are.

Financial Services

Keep clients, employees, and investors engaged. Poppulo Harmony’s omnichannel comms platform makes sharing key messaging with a wide variety of stakeholders easy.


An industry that evolves quickly needs scalable internal communications and workplace management solutions. The Poppulo Harmony platform delivers that, helping you keep up with the speed of the tech industry.


Healthcare facilities are complex environments that make traditional comms difficult. The Harmony platform allows you to simplify comms and connect with patients, visitors, and frontline workers on a variety of channels.


With the Harmony platform, you can provide detailed wayfinding, power any type of Information Display System, and keep both employees and passengers informed and moving toward their destination with ease.


You used to have to leverage separate technologies to reach customers and employees. With the Harmony platform, you can create immersive customer experiences on digital signage, plus reach and engage deskless workers across a variety of comms channels.

Addressing Key Retail Priorities: Meeting the Expectations of Consumers & Employees

Learn how retailers can leverage digital signage and other communications technology to enhance the customer experience, drive revenue growth, and improve operations in stores and distribution centers.

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