It was over a few Mojitos on a balmy night in March in Miami, Florida, during the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in 2014, that a handful of measurement believers bemoaned the fact that the public relations industry still did not have any acknowledged standards for how to measure internal/employee communication efforts. My responseRead more →


David Grossman is an Executive Coach, Leadership and Communication Expert, Keynote Speaker, CSP, Founder and CEO of The Grossman Group. Presentation Title: Innovative Communication Techniques and Trends from a Veteran Road Warrior Description: What practices are new? Emerging? What’s the cutting edge? Find out what innovative organizations are doing to engender buy-in and engagement. LearnRead more →


Ethan McCarty is the Global Head of Employee & Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP. Presentation Title: Rethinking Employees and Employee Communications Description: There’s every chance Karl Marx would have been an enthusiastic and early adopter of social media and digital networks. They have fundamentally shifted the traditional management-employee power structure and forced a revolutionary changeRead more →