Immersive technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Over the last year, each has had its moment of fame in the public imagination, most notably Pokémon Go, an AR game that caught on to such an extent that public warning notices about safety had to be constructed. This blog setsRead more →

Change management communication planning

Sometimes you don’t fully realize you’re living through history as it’s being made, but 1990 was different. After the tumultuous disintegration of the Soviet Union the previous year, Germany was reunified, Berlin became one city again and Poland marked its newfound independence by electing Lech Walesa as President. And in South Africa, Nelson Mandela hadRead more →


Cork’s first IT software conference rebelCon this week is a success even before it starts – huge interest has made it a sell-out. Underlining Cork’s vibrant and innovative software sector, Friday’s conference will bring together a wealth of industry experience with over 15 national and international speakers taking to two stages throughout the day. SpeakersRead more →

Change Programs

It’s a cliché but they say that the only constant is change. Our organizations today are changing at warp speed. Whether it is due to technological innovation; increased competition; growth that is organic or due to mergers or acquisitions; or reductions due to reorganizations and divestitures; employees are being asked to adapt quickly. The truthRead more →