Innumerable studies over the years have shown that happy workers are the most productive in business, but unmotivated individuals are less customer-focused and can adopt a counterproductive behavior. All businesses, irrespective of size, need to increase productivity and maximize revenue generation, so staff must be as efficient as possible. But motivating your employees doesn’t require lotsRead more →

human resource planning

In today’s knowledge economy an organization’s most valuable asset is its human resources – its employees. Their skills and knowledge, as well as their relationships with key customers, can often be irreplaceable and can determine an organization’s success. So much so, human resource planning is now an integral part of an organization’s strategy. The humanRead more →

One of the things that strikes you about Internal Communications is just how universal the challenges are! At the recent Poppulo annual customer summit, which this year was held in Chicago, it was really interesting to see so many ‘concern clusters’ emerge, and even better to see how some of our customers are really usingRead more →

As a tool to enable employee engagement, internal communication is a vital component of organizational success. However, it’s frequently the more high-profile external communicators who receive greater attention, focus and bigger budgets than their internal communications cousins.This article focuses on the key skills needed by the internal comms professional that enable them to “pitch” theirRead more →

Do non-wired employees really matter? Back in the 1970s our working population looked very different to today.  It consisted of 70% manual workers and only 30% professional. In terms of employment, it was a time when there was stability, loyalty and a job for life.  Back then there wasn’t even a whisper of ‘Employee engagement’.Read more →

We communicate for a bunch of different reasons. Our communication audience starts off with, “Hey, I’m hungry!” using a ‘nonverbal channel”, and progresses to understanding things like abstract poetry and music, passing through cursing, debating, face pulling etc. Regardless of how basic or sophisticated the channel might be, all communication is for a reason. ForRead more →


Today’s market researcher has an embarrassment of tools available to them, yet one research option has stood the test of time – the focus group. Focus groups typically involve a moderator-led group discussion with between eight and 10 people. Group participants will likely have been chosen based on shared demographics, circumstances, buying behaviors. When itRead more →

We’ve all been there. You down tools, somewhat reluctantly pull yourself away from your desk, and head on over to the conference room for that looming project progress meeting. You take your seat at the table surrounded by your colleagues, and the meeting begins. First, the pleasantries. Followed by the ‘brief’ review of the projectRead more →