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Benefits of Smart Digital Signage in Business and Communications


 — August 9th, 2022

Benefits of Smart Digital Signage in Business and Communications

Traditional digital signage, sometimes called electronic signage, dates back to the 1990s. It refers to digital display technologies such as video walls, directions, restaurant menus, and LCD monitors that vividly display webpages.

Similar to our cell phones, digital signage has since undergone a 'smart' update. In recent times digital signage has partnered with smart software platforms that update and manage content. This differs from regular digital signage, requiring manual updating of the sign's display.

With smart digital signage, businesses can now update displays remotely via the internet. Some smart signage platforms even update content automatically. These updates happen based on various data points and triggers.

Subway stations and airports use the technology to display arrivals, platform and gate numbers, service changes, delays, and other important information.

Statistics show that the global digital signage market will reach $35.94 billion by 2026. That's almost double the $19.78 billion market value in 2018.

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8 Benefits of Smart Digital Signage in Business and Communications

Many businesses are switching from traditional digital signage to its smart counterpart.

Not only does sales enablement through smart digital signage increase business sales, but it has also transformed how organizations communicate with customers and their employees.

Let's look at some of the most significant benefits of smart digital signage in business and communications.

1. Stand out in a large pool of advertisements

No matter where you live, it's almost impossible not to encounter numerous billboards and advertisements as you go about your day. As a business owner, it can be hard to stand out amid all the noise, but this is where smart digital signage can help.

Smart digital signage is an excellent way to grab the attention of customers. After all, humans are visual creatures with short attention spans. Bright screens playing HD or 4K graphics will always have a much higher impact than a conventional ad poster or billboard. In fact, according to Intel, smart digital signage displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

2. Automated updates

One of the most appealing features of smart digital signage is how it allows for automated scheduling. The option of scheduling sign changes in advance can save you time and greatly simplify updating screens.

With smart digital signage, it's easy to schedule content to play at specific times of the day. For example, a restaurant may have a breakfast menu to display in the morning and a dinner menu for later in the day. Preparing your screen material also eliminates stress around busy seasons such as the holidays when planning numerous promotions and sales.

3. Improved internal communications

Digital signage is good for more than commercial displays. It doesn't just affect how businesses communicate with their customers but with their employees too. Investing and installing a digital screen in your workplace will ensure that information can flow freely from management to other departments within your office.

This way, digital signage can be a great alternative to traditional workplace communication, such as emails or Slack. Good employee communication has many benefits for both employers and their employees. It improves collaboration, engagement, alignment, and even the bottom line.

Examples of how digital signage can be used in the workplace:

● KPI Performance Dashboards

● Workplace Safety

● Training

● Compliance

● Workplace Navigation

● Staff Messaging

● Motivation and Community

● Corporate Branding

4. Increased customer and employee engagement

Sixty-three percent of people surveyed for one study say digital signage captures their attention, and 59% want to learn more about what they see on screen. No matter what industry you use it in, interactive digital signage can make your content more impactful, engaging, and exciting.

Digital signage is also a fun and valuable medium to keep employees connected and engaged. Colorful text, engaging images, and messages on digital signage can give the workplace a positive and exciting atmosphere. It can help employees stay in the loop by displaying important information regarding training, scheduling, or new opportunities.

5. Improved digital presence

Who says a business's digital presence can only exist online? With digital signage, your company can also create an in-store digital presence. You can use your smart digital screens to show anything from tweets, websites, YouTube videos, or even a social media dashboard. Don't leave your physical store trailing behind your digital one. Give them both a digital presence.

6. Gain more sales

Another great benefit of digital signage is its ability to increase sales. Digital signage can direct customers to specific products, upsell items, promote sale items, and attract customers to your store. Digital signage also lets you educate your customers on what products will suit their needs, making them feel more confident about purchasing.

7. Cost-effective

While there is an upfront cost to implementing digital signage, the financial benefits of digital displays cannot be overstated.

For one, there are no more costs and time spent on creating, printing, and setting up traditional marketing materials Once you've fully ramped up your digital display strategy, overhead costs are minimal due to the ease of editing and eliminating printed materials. It’s also a major bonus for the environment.

8. Brand recognition

As customers become increasingly familiar with using interactive digital displays, it helps enhance brand awareness and recognition. Over time, consumers will start identifying the displays and signage with a specific product, company, brand, or service.

If their experience with your signage has been a good one, it will help improve their perception of the business or products, making it more likely they would be willing to return or purchase again.

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Key Takeaway

Digital signage is an electronic display platform used to advertise, build brand awareness, and deliver vital information about a company's products and services via high-quality graphics and videos. A smart digital signage solution is an excellent addition to the marketing strategy of many companies, regardless of what they do or sell.

Smart digital signage allows businesses to communicate dynamically and innovatively with their audience and employees. Smart digital signage offers many benefits to businesses, including helping them stand out from the crowd, engaging audiences, improving internal communications, boosting brand recognition, and much more.

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