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10 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Employee Communications


 — September 5th, 2022

10 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Employee Communications

Digital signage is a modern type of signage that displays information, messages, or other content on a digital screen rather than a conventional ad poster or billboard.

Digital signage has gained popularity over the last decade, with 50% of business professionals considering digital signage an effective communication channel.

Moreso, 80% of businesses that have incorporated digital signage have recorded a substantial increase in sales.

When people think of digital signage, they often think of commercial messaging and advertising. Still, the principles behind the communication remain the same regardless of audience.

Employee communications in the digital workplace: Learning from the experts

With accelerated changes happening within many businesses due to the disruptions of the global pandemic, good internal communication has never been so important.

However, how employees consume information has changed. They have grown to expect more from their companies than newsletters, email, and instant messaging. Enter digital signage.

Good employee communication improves collaboration, engagement, productivity, and the bottom line. And with digital signage, you can take internal communications to the next level.

Below, we've comprised a list of the top 10 ways you can use digital signage to communicate with your employees.

1. On-demand information

Offer employees up-to-date information by placing digital signage in high-traffic areas of your building. High-traffic areas include the lobby, employee break room, cafeteria, etc.

Adding a mix of exciting content, such as company news, traffic reports, and social media posts, will attract your employees' attention.

Each time your employees pass by the sign, they'll naturally be drawn to it and its content. After all, humans are visual creatures, with half of the human brain devoted to processing visual information.

2. Recognizing employee accomplishments

The simple act of acknowledging achievement significantly boosts employee morale and performance.

And that's why employee recognition is so critical. Digital signage can be a powerful platform to celebrate the achievements of your employees. Rewards and bonuses are great motivators but having their work praised by their peers can be just as beneficial to employees.

When you take the time to shine a spotlight on your employees' work through digital signage, you're publicly showing appreciation for their hard work and commitment. This will encourage employees to continue to work hard and achieve greatness.

3. Welcome messages

Everyone loves to feel welcome, and your employees are no different. With digital signage, you can make every new employee excited to be joining your team with a warm welcome message on their first day.

Not only will this put your new employee at ease, but it will kick start their employee experience on a positive note. Create a unique welcome message for each new employee and include their contact details and name for a personalized touch.

Along with making new team members feel special, these welcome messages will help your team get to know your latest recruit. Ice-breaking and first conversations will be much easier for everyone.

4. Company performance dashboard

Sharing your company performance dashboard across your digital signage is an excellent way to communicate your organization's current performance with staff.

If the company is performing well, that is cause for celebration. If not, your team will be challenged to do better to meet specific performance metrics.

5. Create a social media wall

A social wall is a feed of social posts across a mixture of your company's social media networks. Social walls combine and show off all your social media content in one place.

You can use a social wall to link your social media accounts and display your posts in one single feed.

Alternatively, you can use a social media wall to highlight a particular subject using hashtags and account names. This means you can keep up with specific topics you're interested in displaying to employees at any time.

6. Recognize company milestones

Celebrating workplace milestones like completing a significant project or the signing on of a new client helps your team feel appreciated for their contributions.

When a key milestone is hit, you can celebrate this success by letting employees know on the screens.

7. Digital version of the company newsletter

The average click rate of company newsletters remains relatively low. When you use digital content on your display signage monitor, it can do a much better job of getting across newsletter information to your employees.

You can also display smaller chunks of content, making it easier for employees to digest information.

8. Connect multiple locations with each other

If you are a multinational company with offices in other locations, you can use digital signage to connect with one another.

This ia a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge across your worldwide network, and everyone remains involved

9. Play training videos

With corporate digital signage, you can run training programs without making your employees move between their cubicles and training rooms.

You can play training videos or even host live interactions with the lecturers and professionals. Your employees won't have to manage time from their work schedules to attend a meeting. They can learn alongside their regular work and build the necessary skills as they go.

10. Employee benefit programs

To ensure your employees are aware of their work perks or their employee benefits program, use a digital signage solution.

Displaying employee benefit programs on the display screen generates interest from employees. It makes them realize how important they are. They might sign up for a program if they find something useful that helps improve their professional, financial, and personal life.

Employee communications in the digital workplace: Learning from the experts

Key Takeaway

Enhancing internal communication is critical for every organization to strengthen employee and company relationships. Instead of relying on traditional internal communications channels, many companies have embraced digital tools, such as digital signage.

Digital signage in the workplace incorporates digital sign boards, billboards and similar display devices used to communicate information with employees. Digital signage is attractive to employees due to its ability to grab attention by using vibrant colors, captivating images, unique fonts, and video footage.

From recognizing employee achievements and sharing welcome messages to spreading company news and social media posts - there are many effective ways digital signage can be used as a communication tool in the office.

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