Watch this on-demand webinar when our guest Olga Klimanovich shares practical learnings from her hands-on experiences working with a wide range of organizations.
The session features tips, takeaways and case studies, including a spotlight on metrics, to use for launching and implementing a strategy that puts you at the top table.

  • Business strategy – where to begin
  • Taming the email monster to become an effective comms tool
  • How to launch your strategy
  • Where to get your data
  • Setting up measurement benchmarks
  • Supporting business strategy every step to the way

  • Olga Klimanovich
    Olga Klimanovich

    With 20+ years of corporate experience, Olga Klimanovich brings a wealth of insight and experience to this Best Practice webinar.

    She has served as Account Director, Heads of HR and Talent and Leadership Development, Change Manager IC and Engagement leader, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications at companies such as: Soros Foundation, US Information Agency,Saatchi & Saatchi, XL Catlin, British American Tobacco PLC, Eurasia Natural Resources Corporation PLC and Balkan Energy Company.