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12 Top Tips and insights for great storytelling

12 Top Tips and insights for great storytelling

About this Guide

We decided to create this 12 Top Tips and Insights for Great Storytelling following the reaction to Rob Biesenbach's Poppulo webinar, Unleash The Power of Corporate Storytelling. Rob wasn’t exaggerating when he said during the webinar that “we’re inundated with stories about storytelling”. Neither is it an understatement to say that storytelling is something of a buzzword in business. A quick Google search of ‘storytelling’ immediately after Rob’s webinar showed over 82 million results – and just a week later this had increased to over 84 million.

But with so much information out there about the subject, it can get confusing and difficult to find concise and informed information about what makes a good story and how to tell it. That’s why we asked Rob – a renowned storytelling expert – to host our webinar.

It focused on unlocking the secrets of corporate storytelling to help participants create more innovative programming, build trust with target audiences, win business and influence people to act. It offered a simple process that anyone could use to find, shape and tell better stories on behalf of their companies, clients and brands.

But even though, as Rob noted and the 84 million Google searches would suggest, we can’t turn around nowadays without hearing about new research or someone telling us about the power of storytelling, there’s a danger of some very fundamental things getting lost in the noise and hype.

Like, what is a story, and how do you go about finding, shaping and telling one?

To answer these most basic but fundamental questions, we’ve taken Rob’s insightful webinar and distilled it into this accessible 12 Top Tips and Insights for Great Storytelling sheet which we hope you find useful. Areas it covers include:

  • What’s not a story!
  • Nature – the science behind the power of the story
  • Nurture – we’ve been surrounded by stories from our earliest days
  • Six secrets to a great story
  • The need to tap into emotion
  • The power of a simple story – they don’t all have to be like a Ted Talk
  • The need for focus
  • How to make your story stand out


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo