Creating and delivering aligned messaging across your organization’s channels is one of a communicator’s biggest challenges today.

This guide provides best practice tips and strategies for creating consistent messages across all your communication channels that will reach all employees.

Key takeaways:

  • How to conduct a channel audit
  • What a good communications strategy looks like
  • A review of the 3 most popular digital channels; email, intranet, and ESN
  • Tips for other channels (e.g. video, audio, face-to-face)
  • How to use cross-channel analytics for insight and measurement
  • What to share with your stakeholders

In today’s digital workplace, employees get information from a variety of sources, but they expect a seamless digital experience among all their channels. They also expect to consume information the same way inside the organization as they do outside—through-high impact, interactive and visually appealing content and conduits. Therefore, creating a consistent message in your internal communications is very important for success.

Planning internal communications across channels can be a juggling act, even when the stakes are not as high as a public offering. Consistency of message is a challenge every organization faces in an era when technology offers many ways to reach employees. Whether you’re facing a crisis or a run-of-the-mill announcement, how do you ensure that you stay on message? How do you boost the power of your communications, so that multiple channels don’t mean multiple voices?

This guide offers tips on providing consistency of message and techniques for getting employees engaged in forums where they can participate. It provides a top-level look at effective communications, while diving deep into the three most popular digital channels: email, intranet and social media, be it a Yammer platform or an enterprise social network. It is important to choose the right channel and speak with one voice so that all your employees get the same version—whether they hear it in an email, on the intranet, through social platforms or elsewhere.

Before you decide on the best channels to deliver messages, consider: what precisely are you trying to achieve through your communications?
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