Company intranets are a huge investment of time and money and communicators are under pressure to drive traffic and adoption by employees and prove business value to stakeholders.

Whether you are taking your first steps to building an intranet, or are seeking to improve your existing platform, you’ll want to download our 5-step guide for tips and insight to running a more effective company intranet.

Key takeaways:

  • How to create and put a strategy in place
  • How to inspire collaboration across the organization
  • Ideas for reaching your remote workforce
  • How a multi-channel strategy drives traffic
  • What insight and measurement you need – and what to do with it

By the end of 2017, according to the latest McKinsey Global survey, there will be a 70% Enterprise Social Network (ESN) adoption rate within organizations.

That sounds like a hugely popular internal communication platform. However, anecdotal evidence indicates the disconnect between adoption and perceived usefulness by employees. And if employees aren’t using it, it’s of no value to the organization.

The next generation of employees entering the workforce expects management to understand their way of thinking – which is having the ability to collaborate with their co-workers across an organization and to feed back up to management. Social media suits them, as it is about participation and dialog. However, there is still room in an organization for both and effective company intranet, and an effective ESN.

Intranets have become part of the modern business life over the last 20 years and the software that they run on, such as SharePoint, has become increasingly a commodity. It is easy enough for an organization to look at other examples of other company intranets, make a platform and then hope for the best. If you fall into this sort of thoughtless approach the results will be lukewarm at best and will not provide either the business benefits of a thriving common space, nor a good experience or outcome for the end users: your colleagues.

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