Measuring intranets is one area that doesn’t ever seem to improve – it’s really hard to do! Why is this? Chris Tubb explains the reasons that organizations struggle to quantify and prove the use and benefits of their intranets.

Chris talks about:

  • Why web analytics platforms are not really meant for internal audiences
  • Measuring communications and their effects in the real world
  • How targets change what you measure
  • What are the common mistakes organizations make with measuring content and user engagement
  • Being clear about your true motivations for measuring intranets
  • Why the most important place to start is your intranet or communications strategy

About Chris Tubb – Digital workplace and intranet consultant

Chris Tubb is a consultant specializing in intranet strategy, governance and measurement. Chris has worked with intranets since 1996 in and out of communications teams. As well as consulting and benchmarking numerous clients, Chris also publishes a blog on intranet strategy for fellow practitioners at

Twitter: @christubb



This webinar was recorded before Newsweaver evolved to Poppulo.

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