It’s an understatement to say that video is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging today’s diverse workforce.

If you have not yet produced videos – or want to build on what you’ve been producing, you’ll want to download this guide.

Global video expert, Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media makes it easy to become a Video Pro –  – just follow his 7 steps.

Key takeaways:

  • Why videos are such powerful employee engagers
  • How to create great videos on small budgets
  • Three sources for video content ideas
  • How to cut production time
  • How to promote your internal videos
  • Using insight and measurement to improve your reach

Video has emerged as one of the most compelling forms of content. Its power lies in its ability to provide bite-sized chunks of easily digestible content. Viewable on any device, any where and at any time. In the busy workplaces of today, people don’t have time to stop and read text-heavy communications; they’re looking for something different, a snapshot that will give them the information in a fraction of the time. That’s why having an internal communications video strategy is very important for organizations today.

According to digital agency Engine Creative, 93% of internal communicators see video as an important tool, and Ragan research shows that more than 54% of professionals said their employees now expect to see video inside the organization. These figures haven’t gone unheeded. In the recent Poppulo Inside IC survey, 78% of internal communicators say they are already using video showing that many already have an internal communications video strategy.

While video is growing in popularity, some internal communicators are still reluctant to embrace it. For some internal communicators just saying the word video conjures up thoughts of large chunks of their budget spent on one piece of content. It’s true, video production costs used to be very high but have reduced dramatically with the advent of cheap but powerful new technology. By taking a considered approach to developing a video you can successfully manage the final cost.

This best practice guide is perfect for you if you are considering introducing video to your internal communications, or if you already have, it will help make it even more effective.

Download now for the full version of 7 Steps to creating an Internal Communication Video Strategy.