Expectations of our leaders have changed over the last decade.

Today’s diverse workforce expects leaders to be good communicators, offer transparency and open up dialogue that encourages feedback within the organization.

Our How to Guide takes you through seven steps that will help you empower and enhance the quality of your leaders’ communications and equip them with the necessary skills.

Key takeaways:

  • Why helping leaders communicate is a priority
  • How to work with leaders so they communicate effectively and have the correct internal communication skills
  • The value of using multimedia for leader messaging (video, podcasts and blogs)
  • How to build in two-way channels so employees can give feedback
  • Using insight, measurement and metrics
  • Why it is essential to share insight to stakeholders

IBM’s 2015 Global CEO study with almost two thousand CEOs worldwide found that senior leaders are aware and ready to face these new challenges. Senior leaders are prioritizing the creation of more open and impactful connections with employees. They know they need to move to a less top-down controlled approach and provide more opportunities for collaboration across the organization.
Today’s employees want to be able to “weigh-in” and have a say or an active role in decision making. Leaders can drive engagement and “buy-in” by employees by creating channels for the “voice of the employee”.

Here are a few examples of how Poppulo customers use our Internal Connect software to implement leadership communication strategies and send measurable leadership communications to employees:

  • Target messages to the right employees – Securely communicate leadership communications to all impacted employees by embedding videos, images, surveys, polls and other rich media
  • Invite employee feedback – Include social features and polls in emails to gather instant feedback from employees and to give them the ability to respond to a leadership communication
  • Team leaders can use this insight to confirm that all employees have received and understand each leadership communication
  • Ensure message reaches all employees – Using a real-time metrics dashboard; measure employee engagement across the organization. Embed and push out leader videos – Videos created in HQ can be embedded and pushed out to every employee. Delivering a video into the inbox ensures important messages are received and understood across a culturally diverse and distributed workforce

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