8 Top Tips & Insights for a corporate and personal brand development strategy

8 Top Tips & Insights for a corporate and personal brand development strategy

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Lesley Everett of Walking Tall is one of the world's leading authorities on the importance of personal branding and its crucial role in business today. So it wasn't a surprise that her Poppulo webinar on corporate brand development strategy Creating Trust, Respect, and Authenticity in your Personal and Corporate and Brands, was such a success.

In the webinar, Lesley looked at the alignment of people behaviors with corporate brand messaging and the potential risk to business by not managing it effectively and leaving it to chance. So to make the insights from the webinar easily accessible, we have constructed this quick-read 8 Tips & Insights to create trust, respect, and authenticity in your personal and corporate brands.

Branding was once the sole preserve of commercial enterprises, but no more. Nowadays almost everybody has their own brand, whether they realize it or not – and it can overlap, influence and impact the brand of the company the person works for. At a most basic personal level, your digital footprint, your texts, and social media posts can define you and how you are perceived by others. Like it or not, you are a brand. The question no longer is if you have a personal brand, but rather whether you choose to guide and cultivate it or let it be defined by others on your behalf. It's about whether you want to control how you are perceived or cede the influencing of that perception to others.

Lesley Everett is unequivocal about this: "We need to take control of our personal brand more than ever before, rather than leaving it to chance". She illustrates how absolutely critical the personal brand is to the success of any business. "Clients and customers define your brand from the experiences they receive when dealing with people from your organization, and they talk about it," she said. The Tips & Insights take you through:

  • How your people are your brand
  • Creating a new dimension of customer experience
  • Internal communications and the employer brand
  • How your authentic self and values are the key
  • The 7 key principles to building a personal brand


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo