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9 Tips To Make Your Leaders Better Communicators


Not so long ago it was a great-to-have plus if a business leader was a strong communicator. Now it’s an absolute necessity.

When it’s essential to inspire increasingly disengaged employees; when a damaging incident can lead to a full-blown reputational crisis in the always-on 24/7 reality of instant social media – it’s essential that leaders and their senior management teams are skilled communicators, even if it’s not something that comes naturally to them.

Which is where internal communication professionals come in, occupying a critical role in helping leaders become better communicators.

These 9 Tips will help you how to:

  • understand your leader’s personal brand, how they operate and how they are regarded
  • identify and deal with unhelpful traits in senior management
  • earn and maintain trust
  • choose who should talk for the company
  • pick the right communication channels for maximum impact