What to measure, why, and how – An ongoing issue in internal communication


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  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    Lead Education and Internal Communication Specialist, True Digital Communications

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith

    Senior Counsel & Partner, Jackson Jackson & Wagner

Sean Williams internationally-acclaimed expert in this vital field for “Measuring Internal Comms: Standards Set!” and Stacey Smith, senior counsel and partner, Jackson, Jackson and Wagner present a webinar on what to measure, why and how in IC.

Sean is an internal communications leader, teacher and researcher, and vice president and practice lead for True Digital Communications. Sean is on the (U.S.) Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission, the advisory board of the International PR Research Conference, and leads the IPRMC task force on emerging standards for internal communication measurement. He also is a member of the executive board of the PRSA Employee Communication Professional Interest Section.

During the session you will learn:

  • The recommended standards for measuring internal communications
  • Expert tips and insights to smart measurement
  • The benefits of measuring IC
  • How to apply the standards to your strategic communication planning