Beating change fatigue: How to recharge embattled employees for 2021


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  • Laura House
    Laura House

    Founder, the-thread

  • Lindsay Kohler
    Lindsay Kohler

    Lead Behavioral Scientist, scarlettabbott

  • Ethan McCarty
    Ethan McCarty

    CEO, Integral Communications

The most unsettling and traumatic year in living memory has changed the workplace radically and forever – and has left employees exhausted from the tumult to their work and family lives.

75 percent of employees in the US and almost a third in the Asia-Pacific region report symptoms of burnout, and European countries have reported increasing levels of pandemic fatigue.

This has created one of the biggest challenges organizations will face in 2021: How can they re-energize and inspire employees exhausted from relentless turmoil and change, and equip them for the further changes coming their way this year?

Communication will be at the very heart of how companies and their leaders step up to this challenge. To help you tackle what lies ahead, Poppulo’s first webinar of 2021 will bring together a panel of experts to discuss:

  • Key learnings from 2020
  • Resolutions IC and HR should make this year
  • Tips to prevent change fatigue and re-energize employees for the changes ahead