Building a Communications Plan for Returning to Hybrid Workplaces

Building a Communications Plan for Returning to Hybrid Workplaces

About this Webinar

We’re at a moment of historic change in the world of work. Over the past year organizations have implemented a variety of hybrid working models that support a combination of remote and on-site employees. These models are continuing to evolve. But according to McKinsey•, 68% of companies haven’t communicated a clear vision for post-pandemic work, with serious negative consequences on employee productivity.

In contrast, those organizations that have effectively communicated a plan are seeing outsized benefits — their employees are five times more productive because they have the clarity and confidence that vision provides.

The imperative is clear – leadership, supported by their IC and HR teams, must find a way to communicate a solid plan for post-pandemic work or suffer serious productivity losses.

In our Poppulo webinar on 22nd June at 4pm BST/11am ET, Priya Bates, Founder of Inner Strength Communication, will focus on:

  • Redefining the role and purpose of Internal Communications in engaging employees regardless of where they work
  • The most important points to consider when planning your return to workplace strategy
  • How to build your comprehensive return to the workplace communications plan
  • How omnichannel communications capability can support your plan
  • How Poppulo can support communications when returning to a hybrid workplace

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*McKinsey study: June Webinar Building a Communications Plan for Returning to a Hybrid Workplace.

Event details

June 22, 2021

4pm BST / 11am ET

60 mins


Priya Bates

Priya Bates

President, Inner Strength Communication Inc.