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Business Transformation at McDonald's: An Inspired Recipe For Success

Business Transformation at McDonald's: An Inspired Recipe For Success

About this Webinar

When McDonald’s embarked on its most ambitious business transformation in the US, it did what most companies don’t do during major change: it put the emotional journey of its people front and center. With remarkable results.

Research by BCG analyzing over 1,000 companies indicates that most transformations pay little or no attention to people’s change journey and are not implementing transformation initiatives in an employee-centric way. Understanding the human response to change and the emotional journey your people will go through is critical in communicating, engaging and involving your people in the right way.

Join us on April 29th at 4pm GMT/11am ET, where Emily Nichols, Manager of Internal Communications at McDonald’s USA, shares how the Internal Communications team kept its 2,000 franchise owners (who operate over 14,000 U.S. restaurants) engaged and motivated during the most ambitious business transformation in the company’s history.

You will learn how:

  • McDonald’s placed laser-focus on the fact that the transformation would only be successful if the 2,000 franchisees supported it – and that these were real people who would experience an emotional roller-coaster on a steep and rapid change journey
  • The McDonald’s team regularly measured franchisee sentiment during the various stages of the transformation and then used this feedback to inform their communication strategy
  • The use of ‘humanized’ communications that prove business value to senior leadership
  • McDonald’s created content in support of its people-centric approach to business transformation.

Event details

April 29, 2021

11am ET / 4pm BST

60 Minutes


Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols

Manager of Internal Communications