Communicating in a people-centric way: HR’s role

Communicating in a people-centric way: HR’s role

About this Guide

We live in a world where we are inundated with communications. At work, we receive on average between 125-150 emails per day. While a lot is said about “noise” with respect to too many or too frequent communications in the workplace, the real downside to employee communications that are not appropriately targeted or timed is that HR actions are not acted upon, key information is not relayed on time and as a result employees feel misinformed and disengaged in the company’s overall direction and strategy.

So the question is: how can HR partner with colleagues in Internal Communications to communicate in a people-centric (focused, timely, personalized communications that contribute to an open and transparent culture) way?

This guide will help you communicate effectively to busy, distracted and overwhelmed employees so that they:

  • Know what’s going on when it matters the most
  • Receive information that is relevant and personalized to their role, interests and preferences
  • And act on what is asked of them in a timely way


Precillia Redmond

Precillia Redmond

Founder & Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC