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Communication is key to successful change management – Do it well in 6 steps



  • Neil Lieberman
    Neil Lieberman

    Head of Marketing US, Poppulo

Every business around the world is asking its employees to adapt to change. Whether it’s a business transformation, structural reorganization, merging with or acquiring another company, or using technology to streamline operations, leaders everywhere are asking employees to embrace change for the good of the company.

But it doesn’t always work. In fact, change initiatives have an alarming failure rate, with multiple studies estimating that 70% of change initiatives don’t achieve their goals. And poor or inadequate communication almost always tops the list of reasons for change failure.

You have an opportunity to help your organization succeed and earn your place as a trusted, valued business partner to the senior executive team.

This How To Guide can help. In it you will learn:

  • A model for thinking about change initiatives
  • The reasons so many of these initiatives fail
  • The critical role of communications – and communicators – in guiding projects to success
  • How to partner for success with communicators
  • Best practices for impactful communications