Companies with purpose are winning – why, and what we can learn from them


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  • Mike Pounsford
    Mike Pounsford

    Founder & CEO, Couravel

Surveys increasingly show that employees lack a sense of shared goals and common direction. Engagement scores are down and confidence in leadership communication seems a central issue.

Purpose beyond making money leads to engagement. But companies with a sense of purpose are winning, they are showing the way and engaging their people. How do you persuade stakeholders that communicating direction is an ongoing leadership responsibility, and that people need a focus beyond money. Employees need a sense of purpose that leads to engagement.

Our guest Mike Pounsford talks about every aspect of purpose, including evidence to persuade sceptics in your organization, plus case studies and tactics to implement.

Attendees will learn:

  • What leading businesses say about their purpose – and what we can learn from them
  • Purpose vs. vision
  • Why purpose is a performance critical issue
  • The role that leaders and managers can play
  • How to align employees with purpose