The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing many people to work remotely on a long-term basis for the first time, often with little time to prepare. This creates challenges for everyone involved: the individual employees, their work teams and managers, and their families. In this webinar, two expert communicators will examine how to help your employees successfully make this transition while staying engaged and productive.

Attendee takeaways

  • What kind of challenges should newly remote employees expect, and how can you prepare them?
  • What types of support, tools, and activities can you provide them to adjust to working remotely?
  • What “best practices” can HR and Communications professionals implement to help remote employees succeed in their new environments?
  • How did the communications team at Wentworth Institute of Technology help move students, faculty, and staff to an online study / remote work environment in a matter of two weeks?
  • How can you help senior executives rethink their communication roles and adjust to working remotely themselves?

Neil Lieberman, Head of US Marketing at Poppulo

Ethan McCarty, CEO at Integral Communications Group
Karmon Runquist, Director of Web & Digital Communications at Wentworth Institute of Technology


  • Head of US Marketing at Poppulo
    Head of US Marketing at Poppulo

    Neil Lieberman leads US Marketing for Poppulo. An experienced technology and marketing executive, Neil specializes in helping enterprises around the world grow their businesses through more impactful communications.

  • Ethan McCarty
    Ethan McCarty

    Ethan McCarty is the founder and CEO of Integral Communications Group, an employee activation agency serving leaders of Communications, HR, Marketing and Technology at organizations global and local alike. Formerly the global head of Employee and Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP and Global Director of Social Strategy for IBM, Ethan has more than 20 years experience leading digital communications and engagement initiatives at scale. Ethan has led large globally and culturally diverse remote teams by innovating and humanizing the practice and advising senior leaders from the CEO down anong his clients on how to do the same. Ethan is a lecturer on Employee Activation and Digital Media & Analytics at Columbia University.

  • Karmon Runquist
    Karmon Runquist

    Karmon Runquist is Director of Web and Digital Communications at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. She has spent more than twenty years building internal and external operations in higher education. Karmon has managed remote teams throughout her career (“who remembers instant messaging with ICQ? Who just Googled ICQ?”), and has worked remotely herself. Karmon has seen the way remote working has evolved and gained acceptance as digital tools have made connecting with others easier.