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Creating a world-class partnership between HR and Internal Communications


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  • Precillia Redmond
    Precillia Redmond

    Founder & Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC

Improve the employee experience and drive higher levels of engagement. In trying to meet the demand from employees to stay connected and informed, organizations sometimes over-communicate and/or miss the opportunity to optimize key communications in a way that would be most easily consumed by the receiver. There is plenty of room for a more effective partnership between those teams primarily responsible for employee communications – HR and Internal Communications.

The increased complexity and reach of HR and Communications teams make it ever more important to effectively accomplish shared goals through a deliberate partnership where each is contributing to building out the necessary plans, infrastructure, and monitoring strategies to support ongoing and acute needs.

Through improved partnering, these two critical business functions can help to deliver an improved employee experience and drive higher levels of engagement, arguably goals that have become increasingly shared.

This free guide will show you:

  • How to create the blueprint for optimized communications
  • How to build a stable but agile comms infrastructure
  • How to measure and monitor for continuous improvement