Internal Communications Benchmarks

This webinar explores the benefits and power of taking a visual approach to your communications. Guest presenter, Alan Oram of Alive With Ideas explores the science behind how to create great visual communications (specifically infographics), and also takes a look at how this approach can be expanded across other applications and channels.

Practical advice and key takeaways:

  • Why visual communication is crucial and how it supports employee engagement
  • Practical tips for creating powerful visuals
  • Some simple tools to create your own
  • What are the key features of an awesome infographic

About Alan Oram, Creative Director, Alive with Ideas

Alan is a founder and director of Alive with Ideas. He has worked in internal comms for the past 18 years for clients such as National Grid, Sainsbury’s, BP and many more. This is combined with background working on brand and external marketing campaigns.

This webinar was recorded before Newsweaver evolved to Poppulo.

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