What are the secrets to creating employee newsletters that employees can’t wait to open – and read?

We’ve put together the essential 7 steps guaranteed to turn your employee newsletter into one of your top engagement tools:

Key takeaways:

  • How to use data to personalize content
  • Creating templates that stand out in the inbox
  • What content connects with employees
  • Embedding videos, social and podcasts to reach everyone
  • Creating two-way conversations within employee newsletters
  • Defining what metrics to use to increase engagement with every send

Creating an Internal Newsletter Template

In our most recent Poppulo Global IC survey 99% of respondents said internal email is their main and preferred channel for driving actions, raising awareness and helping promote other channels.

Of those, 60% say they regularly send email newsletters. But are most busy communicators guilty of just dumping in content, pushing it out to employees – and ticking it off the to-do list?

The technology is available to you to propel your employee newsletters into an important cornerstone of your internal communication strategy. Good employee newsletters provide a line-of-sight across the organization. The information they include is relevant to the employee, and keeps them informed about the organization. It provides clarity around changes or other initiatives. The content is relevant to their job, and provides tools and information they need for job productivity.

The very best employee newsletter templates can consolidate and target messages from across your business and help declutter the inbox – which employees absolutely love and appreciate!

Plus, based on your interactive design, employees have the flexibility to securely view newsletters at their workstation, on a tablet or a smartphone. Don’t forget to cater to your always-on workforce by including direct links to content that can be accessed any time.

Download our best practice guide and it will help you transform your employee newsletter.