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Crisis communications: What we can learn from pilots

Crisis communications: What we can learn from pilots

About this Guide

This guide takes the first-hand learnings of a pilot dealing with a crisis and how they can be practically applied for crisis management in business. It's based on Rob Shimmin's vast experience in the corporate world and as a keen amateur pilot. When he's not busy as a communications consultant and helping organizations deal with crises, Rob loves nothing more than taking to the skies.

From his many years flying small aircraft, he sees very definite lessons that the corporate world can learn from pilots in a crisis. And from his time in a wide range of industries – financial, pharma, tech, construction, food – he has found that despite the diversity of issues across industries and sectors, a commonality of human factors come into play when people are responding to a crisis and are under pressure.

Here we take you through Rob's key learnings on how to plan and prepare for a crisis, how to assess and deal with it from the earliest stages, involving stakeholders, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of senior management, right through to the essential follow-up debrief.


Rob Shimmin

Rob Shimmin

CEO, Comms Consultant and Coach