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Cyber Security: Learn How Employee Communication Could Save Your Business

Cyber Security: Learn How Employee Communication Could Save Your Business

About this Webinar

Cyber criminality is an enormous and sophisticated business that threatens every organization, big and small. We’ve seen that from hospitals to energy providers, banks, and food suppliers. No company is safe—and employees are one of your highest security risks.

Ransomware alone is expected to cost US companies $265 billion by 2031. Add in malicious data breaches and other criminal hacking activities, and the costs to businesses are not only crippling but can threaten their survival. 

The tech-enabled digitization of everything has led to an exponential increase in cybercrime risk—and the consequent need for heightened focus on cybersecurity measures, including the vulnerability of employee non-compliance with data security protocols.

This webinar explores the three critical phases that every company must focus on regarding cybercrime:

  • BEFORE: Essential measures to prevent an attack, including identifying, addressing, and communicating security pitfalls
  • DURING: What to do and how to communicate if you’re attacked to minimize damage to you and your customers
  • AFTER: What and how to communicate to your workforce post-attack

Event details

October 20, 2022

11am ET / 4pm GMT

60 min


Ann Cronin

Ann Cronin

Key Account Director

Tom Meade

Tom Meade

Head of IT