Driving employee experience: The critical role of internal communications



  • Deepa S. Reddy, PhD
    Deepa S. Reddy, PhD

    Lead Cultural Anthropologist

  • Ananya Roy
    Ananya Roy

    Consultant – Innovation & Future Studies

Optimizing engagement and employee experience is a priority for organizations of all sizes everywhere these days for very good and sound reasons.

They influence how someone feels about the company they work for right through their tenure and how they speak about it – and recommend it, or not – to others after they leave. And they really influences the bottom line.

With communications being key to both engagement and employee experience, we set out to investigate how comms are conducted by IC teams and how they resonate with employees.

We’ve conducted a unique piece of research in the US and Europe and this week publish the results in conjunction with this new white paper that covers:

  • The focus on meaning-making in the modern workplace
  • The new era of human-centric employee experience
  • How and why communication is a key piece of the puzzle
  • The shared comms experience of employees across diverse industries
  • How four generalized employee personas have emerged