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Effective presentation techniques – What you need to know

Effective presentation techniques – What you need to know

About this Webinar

Think differently - Embrace the power of your audience. Internal audiences are different. They are often more invested in the topic, known to the presenter and willing to contribute – but the stakes are high. A well delivered and powerful internal presentation can have a seismic impact on an organization. In this webinar you will be equipped with new techniques and tools to apply when preparing your next internal presentation.

Practical advice and key takeaways:

  • New practical ideas and concepts for internal presentations
  • Introduction and understanding of new presentation technology options
  • New approach to identifying and engaging with different audience types
  • Having the confidence to think outside the PowerPoint box
  • Unlocking the key to true audience engagement

This webinar was recorded before Newsweaver evolved to Poppulo.


Simon Morton

Simon Morton