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Employee Comms: The perceptions, the presumptions, the reality.

Employee Comms: The perceptions, the presumptions, the reality.

Research Findings from FWI | Poppulo 

About this Webinar

It’s been a roller coaster three years for workplace communication professionals, as comms proved to be business critical at a time of great uncertainty and rapid change.

We know that. And we know how much that change has transformed the comms function itself, not only elevating its role but also its wider reach across the business, with greater differentiation between organizational and operational communications.

But what don’t we know about employee comms in 2022 after the whirlwind of the past few years?

Communicators are busier than they’ve ever been but how are their comms landing with employees? Are perceptions meeting reality, or is there a disconnect? What’s working and what’s not—and most importantly, how do employees feel and what do they want from their workplace comms?

To get answers to these and many more questions, we commissioned independent research to survey over 5,000 employees and Internal Communications professionals earlier this year.

Some of the answers surprised us—and we think they will surprise you as well.

Join us on this webinar where you can be among the first to get exclusive first sight of our research findings and hear expert analysis from award-winning employee communications strategist Priya Bates, to help increase your impact as a communicator.

Event details

July 27, 2022

11am ET / 4pm GMT

60 mins


Priya Bates

Priya Bates

President, Inner Strength Communication Inc.